Dispatches is our very own internal newsletter - to keep you all informed on matters from within !

The clubs very own Intrepid reporter "Private Parts" will be reporting from shows and events he has attended and giving you his own unique view on proceedings, all typed lovingly on his vintage Corona Typewriter !
Tuesday 7th March
With spring just starting to show itself, I've managed to dry out my kit and climb out of my foxhole long enough to type a few observations for you folks back home.
Thoughts are already on this years planned manoeuvres, already things are looking good with some recent acquisitions to our fleet - we now have some additional motorcycles, and a command car that General Patton will no doubt be commandeering at every opportunity !
We had a bit of a feast at the start of the year, we all pulled our packs together and you would never know - we even commandeered an old pub and made out it was a carvery - you should have been there, there was some bootleg beef and a chicken that we stuffed with paper till it was as big as a turkey - we even acquired some alchahol from the locals and had a great night partying and joking.
After that we again assembled for some mandatory training, it was then that we learnt that we had some promotion within the ranks - Lance Cpl Gardiner has recently passed both the Christmas I.Q test(in the form of a quiz night that the boss put us all through) - but he also was voted top bloke by all of us within the troop - he's got some fancy trophy and insists we now call him "Mr Gardiner"
We have to start getting ready - "Busy to do nothing" we call it, apparently there's something big happening - lots of rumours - as soon as I know I will let you all know .

Sunday 2nd April
The top brass called us all up for a briefing - They had some plans they wanted to discuss, it must have been important as all the top brass were there - even Brigadier Beddall was there!
Never mind them though - me and my buddies were made up to see all the fancy motor vehicles in this huge big hanger type building - some joker said they should call it a museum and open it to the public - charge them for looking at the fancy cars - but that's never going to happen.... as if anyone would be interested in old vehicles!
Anyway - don't recall too much of what was said - there was a whole lot of shouting and hollerin - I wondered if I would have been safer back at the front as I reckoned hand to hand fighting was about to erupt any minute, one chap from the Surrey Division even brought along a sword - he must have been expecting trouble for sure !
- nothing came of it in the end, - we were told to go back to our units and await further orders - there's talk of big changes that will make us sleep sounder at night and help protect us - I guess we are getting new bivvie bags and Prophylactic Kits as I cant imagine what else they can be going on about ?
Before nightfall we headed back down South, we just got back in time for Reveille and cocoa before lights out.

Wednesday 20th April
Well i'm back - that was a hell of a slog - I've been marching close on a thousand miles and boy don't my feet know it, before I set off we had a meet up at a little place called "Amberley" - it was great - the weather was first class and we got to chill out and chew the fat with the guys for a couple of days before once again we packed up and headed out - we met up again at a place called "Weald n Downland" - lots of soldiers and folk from all ages - made some of our kit look quite modern which was a first!
Some of the boys practised beach landings at a place called the Isle of Wight - we joined this great big ferry and headed across the Solent before storming ashore at a place called Havenstreet - once we were there we made the most of the facilities and even got to commandeer a train and take a ride into town. It was pretty dull so we headed back to Havenstreet where the party went on all weekend - I even got myself a bit of a suntan - my first since arriving in England!.
There are lots of rumours around about possible manoeuvres we have planned - I will keep you posted on where I end up!