Andy’s 1943 GMC CCKW 353 Workshop

The GMC was the workhorse of the United States Army during WW2. It saw active service in all theatres of conflict with the cargo bodied variant being the most common type, however fuel bowsers, pontoon bridge carriers and tippers were also used on the existing chassis. There was also a workshop bodied variant - these were used as mobile workshops for small arms repair, mobile tyre repairs, engineering trucks, mobile operating theatres and dentists as well as other specialist roles.
Shipping such a large truck soon became a problem with space at a premium, so the (st6) variant was introduced - this allowed the windows and doors to be stored inside the rear body which then sat lower / level with the top of the cab, before the roof was erected and the windows and doors fitted, where it would then stay in that configuration for the remainder of the war.
The chassis and cabs were shipped separately to the body shop that constructed the rear bodies, where the finished truck would then be assembled - often resulting in a mixture of components as in my truck which has a 1943 chassis, a 1942 cab and a 1943 rear st6 body.
My truck was used post war by the Norwegian Army, who used many big vehicles in their reserve fleet following the war . She is having a full restoration and when completed will be displayed as a USO entertainments / outside broadcasting truck as per the archive picture below.