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~~ NEXT CLUB MEETING - TUESDAY 1st May 2018 @ 8PM~~

New announcement - Club night will become Bi-Monthly in the Autumn / Winter of 2018 - More details to follow......


Don't forget to check out our new combined social area - The West Sussex Military Vehicle Conservation Group (WSMVCG) https://www.facebook.com/groups/wsmvcg/

Don't forget - The Amberley Military Vehicle and Home Front weekend - 19th & 20th May - Camping available - Military Vehicles of all eras most welcome - please contact Barrie Lambeth /Andy Kyte /Amberley Museum for more details


The Military Vehicle Trust / MVT

MVT members look after and restore the whole range of ex military vehicles with both UK and overseas origins.
Vehicles include the well known jeep through to tanks, transporters, lorries, landrovers, motor bikes, the humble folding bicycle and range from pre First World War to the present day.

MVT members pay particular attention to the authenticity of vehicles, equipment and displays. Our events are of educational value for members of the public and we try to ensure that the younger generations are aware of our heritage and the debt we owe to all branches of the armed forces. All members are proud of the standard of their vehicles and this is reflected in the frequent requests for vehicles for film and TV work,charitable and commemorative events.

History and The West Sussex Area

Todays MVT can trace it humble beginnings right back to our very own West Sussex Area.

Back in 1968 two local men (Peter Gray & Joe Lyndhurst) decided to combine their passion for military vehicles and showmanship – and created the Military Vehicle Conservation Group ( MVCG).

Initially putting on shows across the South billed as “Hell on Wheels” and displaying restored vehicles combined with stunt driving and motorcycle riding . As the poularity grew, so did the vast aray of vehicles being restored and exhibited.

The club grew and grew and in 1974 to mark the 30th anniversary of D-Day – Peter organised the very first “French Tour”, initially very basic with few or no facilities or ammenities available to participants - but this didnt seem to matter, as the comradery and friendships made up for these minor problems !
Today the annual French tours are legendary,well organised affairs that bring togethher enthusiasts from all over Europe to commemorate events from many years ago.

As the club grew it became necessary to become more structured and in 1987 became known as the Military Vehicle Trust (MVT) a charitable organisation ( that today boasts over 30 local areas and over 8000 members world-wide)

Sadly Peter and Joe are no longer with us, however their wonderful legacy continues to grow with the hobby more popular now than ever .

Why not visit our "planned manoeuvers" section to see what shows our members may be attending - whever it be a simple park up and display, a diorama or re-enactment - you will always find members please to talk about their hobby and welcome your interest.

Here in West Sussex we meet on the first Tuesday of every month at the “WHITE SWAN” –Adjacent to the A27 Arundel /West Sussex BN18 0AD -Meetings start at 8pm and there is no cost to join .

And remember.....you don't even have to own a Vehicle – just a passion for all things Military is all you need !